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    Earl Brooks (Kevin Costner) has everything he desires most men in their forties.

    Despite the lack of education, by itself created a thriving enterprise. His beautiful daughter is studying and dreaming about going in the footsteps of daddy. The guardian of the hearth, Ms. Brooks (Danielle Panabaker), completes the idyllic image of family life alive transferred from advertising washing powder, while support for hard-working husband, takes care of everyone to be always smiling and cheerful.

    Earl is a man kind, understanding, loving and faithful to his wife, a caring adult to have daughters, handsome and enjoying good health, the winner of a man. Earl kills people. Doing it for a long time and is very good at it. The film "Mr. Brooks" is a psychological thriller with elements of drama, the latest work of Bruce Evans, who this time serves theme of a serial killer on a plate a little bit different. Although each film about a psychopath rządnym blood is the material on the hit, the competition in this area is so vast that a confrontation with such films as "Silence of the Lambs" or even "Seven" stand just a movie special. Therefore, the main slogan Evans’ film is redefined old concepts. And so, the old theme deeply kept secret, the contrast between real life and his "official" version, showing the hypocrisy of modern society (eg. "American Beauty" and "Little Children") has been replaced here by the design more interesting. The main character, unable to reconcile his unusual hobby with a normal life transfers the murderous desire for an imaginary character Marshall (William Hurt). This treatment allows Earl to lead a normal life, and imagine that the desire is killing its price, imposed by force, external, which has no effect.

    In the text of the spoken prayer in moments of weakness the main character says that it is obliged to do everything in matters that depend on it and leave the rest to God, so that killing is one of those cases that have no impact. The plot of the film adds a lot to the above-mentioned starting point – as a result of unfavorable coincidence, Brooks unusual favor must give amateur photography, calling himself Mr. Smith (Dane Cook). Meeting tired his master’s killing curse, the young adept builds and degenerate paranoid and thick atmosphere. It should be emphasized that the film is very well filmed: the camera work is flawless and the crop allows more focus on climate; which is rare here very pretty play of colors, mainly red and black. They add extra flavor with flair executed action scenes – zarówna normal shooting, as well reflecting the personality of the main character killing scenes, which are short, brutal and precise.

    Unfortunately, the movie has a lot of drawbacks, whose causes are little understood. Scenario, in addition to several interesting ideas, stands out above all poor design, "Mr. Brooks" is really three separate threads. One very well achieved, ie. Steam unfortunate killer psychopathic and amateur photographer thrill. The other detective that tracking another murderer escaped from prison, take the second investigation of the Brooks, and a third daughter (Danielle Panabaker), who unexpectedly falls into a familiar trouble. It seems that the desire to enrich the genre with a deeper analysis of the context of the protagonist crime led to the mess. To all this created the need for a coherent whole lot of unnecessary, even absurd scenes (eg.

    Thread serial killer, shooting in the corridors, etc.). It all makes the main thread and the film fades with the passage of time becomes more and more boring. The main character does not surprise us nothing and remains unchanged, and the end is completely devoid punch line, which is a big disadvantage for the film, which clearly is trying to rebound from the bottom of the mindless copying classics. Ironically, the film also places the actors in the unusual role for himself. The idea of ​​a great, but that is over, because the game itself acting leaves a lot be desired – as far as my opinion Marshall was played properly by William Hurt, about as much Kevin Costner, who tried to play the role for himself a new, has not fulfilled its task .

    listening to Beethoven

    He can not play a man with such a complicated psyche. Against this background, surprising well played by Dane Cook (on the margin, which is a professional comedian), mr. Smith, who terrify his genuine fascination with killing and naive conviction at the mercy of the main character. "Mr.Brooks" was supposed to be back Demi Moore. Unfortunately, the actress does not present anything interesting, and remains in the shadow of the whole movie. Fault here lies with the writer, who made detective character which is always one step behind the Earl and the appellant does not much to the story. Talented student is assessed more severely than the miserable forever, because "Mr.

    Brooks’ pr

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